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Exploring Christianity

As Christians we believe in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is central to our faith. We recognise that, to many, our beliefs can be tough to understand. It is for this reason that Ascension Church runs courses for those people who would like to explore the Christian faith and to learn more about what Christians believe and why.


The two courses we run during the year are Tastebuds and Alpha:

Tastebuds is an 8 week course (one night a week) which makes no assumptions of any understanding of Christianity. It offers a relaxed environment where you can ask any searching question which might help you understand what Christians believe. In the context of small groups and overall group discussions, we look at the possibilities of the existence of God, who he/she/it might be, who Jesus was or is and whether he has any relevance to our lives and how we live today.

Alpha is a course in which we delve a little deeper, looking in more depth at who Jesus is, why he came to live amongst us and what it means to respond to his call. We look at subjects such as our assurance of faith, how and why we pray and read the Bible, the role of the Holy Spirit and the response of the Church.



For further details, please contact Rev Dave Chesney:


Tel: 020 7511 1232


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