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School Partnership

Ascension Church aims to build relationships and work with all schools within our parish. As part of this we deliver RE lessons and assemblies, as well as offering a lesson for pupils in year 6 to help them with their transition from primary to secondary school and mentoring sessions.


We are very fortunate to be able to work in partnership with 2 other organisations in our schools work: XLP and Faith In Schools Newham.


XLP seeks to offer space for students who may need some additional support in their time at secondary school.


Faith In Schools provide many of the materials that we use for the RE lessons we deliver in schools. Each lesson that they plan is tailored to meeting the needs of the national curriculum but also aimed at engaging the students with the topic.We also welcome schools to come and visit us. This can be for a visit to see a place of worship, a seasonal assembly or to experience some of what the Christian faith does inside it’s church buildings.



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